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Soul Street Productions is a company born from a passion for both music and theatre.


Directors Lewis Codling (Right) and Jim Hollands (Left) met on a show nearly a decade ago and haven’t left each other’s side since.


Coming from different directions of the industry (Jim - Music, and Lewis - Theatre) they have worked together to create a host of incredible tribute shows that they are truly proud of.

Based out of London, Soul Street Productions works with some of the most talented musicians in the capital. Bringing some of the nations favourite genres to life, on stage all across the country on their UK tours.



In 2023, a new chapter began for Soul Street Productions with Jim and Lewis becoming the new directors of The Institute in Braintree.  


Drawing from their extensive experience in the theatre industry, Jim and Lewis stepped forward with a bold vision to renovate and revitalise The Institute, transforming it into a premier theatre destination that will attract high-caliber shows and events. You can learn more about the renovation project and hear about the latest updates here.

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